david.opreaHello my name is David Emanuel Oprea and I’m a Senior Web Developer from Targoviste, Romania. but I lived in Bucharest for the last 8 years.

Currently I am still a web developer, but I am looking forward to make change in my carrier path: I’ve started to invest in my personal development studying about product and business management. Also, my previous background from High School gave me an overview about product life-cycle and product management. It becomes more & more interesting and captivating to see how a product it’s developed and how you can be part of it. Awesome!

I got married in 2011 with my beloved one, Cristina and now we’re proud parents for a beautiful little princess, Petra Abigail and a little boy, Eric. I describe myself as a husband, happy father, passionate in theology, technology and I do have hobbies like any other human being: playing chess, playing guitar, reading. I intend to live and to do my best to be a model family for other generations.

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