Too much data processing

In the last week, I had the opportunity to travel with a friend of mine, both of us working in the same field – IT related.

It’s been years since we used to go daily to Bucharest from Târgoviște. Then, after about 2 years of going on such distance every working day, I decided to establish myself in Bucharest for a while.

However, during this time I’ve got married, stayed in Bucharest for about 5 years.

Why am I telling you about this?

I am not an  18 years old young man any more: I am getting closer to 30s. I just realized I am not physically capable to have a white night or being for about 4 hours per day on the go (Târgoviște – Bucharest – Târgoviște), all of these without being affected.

Also, I observed that the quantity of information needed to be processed by human being is growing day by day. Maybe we’re not able to notice the change about the amount of data we work with every day, but comparing the current year with the ones I used to travel with my friend, I just realized how big is this change.

Let’s see  what we are talking about

Well, going back 10 or 5 years ago, we can certify the number of technologies we used to interact with was well defined, stable. We were able to dig in deeper into different technologies we were specialized in, and this gave us the chance to learn, grow and become the specialists we are today in our working fields.

Nowadays the things are changing. The whole paradigm actually. We have better tools than we used to have in the past, different new  technologies, frameworks and paradigms.

I remember that 10 years ago I had to interact with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and one single library – jQuery. Design principles were pretty simple and straightforward: this were the years you could deep dive into a specific technology. Actually, this was the context I was able to learn and master HTML, CSS ( cross-browser design and  browser-specific particularities) and JavaScript (native/vanilla JavaScript).

Today, there are so much tools available using different technologies, each tool/framework addressing a very specific need or a design pattern. Now you have to deal with many choices that are in front of you: understand the benefits, the ideal context, the strengths, the minuses, the rules, syntax, particularities and everything that makes a new technology/framework a choice for your project.

In my case, today I have node.js that powers my TypeScript project, SASS/LESS, Webpack, Angular, the Laravel back-end, Eloquent ORM and the list continues…

Yes! This is what I am talking about! Of course you can develop complex applications much faster than ever, but the truth being told, the quantity of information required to be processed is higher. And this is a fact!

There are new demands, new standards, new expectations in our IT field. You have to grow. You have to learn new things every day. You have to learn from your own mistakes, you have to read about what are the challenges that other people have, to spend time for yourself to evolve. It’s all about you: your knowledge, your abilities, your time. You’re the one being exploited in different ways and this requires you to deal with huge amount of information every day.

So what can I do?

Make time for myself, my family, my wife, my kids. Develop good time management skills. Be organized. Be pro-active: do not stop learning!


See you next week!

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